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From: charles <>
Subject: Re: [DNA] Null value at DYS425
Date: Mon, 14 Aug 2006 21:46:17 -0400
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Ken and Bonnie:

I'm R1b1c10 (S28+) per the new ISOGG phylo chart. I have the null at
DYS425. At YCAIIa,b I'm 19,22. Ysearch ID: FV9RZ

Charles Kerchner

Bonnie Schrack wrote:
> Ken wrote:
>> The reason I asked is connected with whether this I1b2a is really an
>> I1b2a1
>> (Isles-Scot?) This haplotype started out looking like the Scot-Isles
>> variety of I1b2a, had a Scot surname, and would be my first with 67
>> markers.
>> Then YCA turned up 19-19 instead of standard 19-21. So this could be
>> another consequence of the LOH doubling event to go with this fellow's
>> truly
>> null 425 indicated by the bright red 0 instead of a blank. Ken
> Absolutely, I would expect that the change from 19-21 to 19-19 at YCAII,
> together with the null DYS425, are an ideal case indicating a
> recombination between the arms of the P5 palindrome. But not everyone
> who has the null has the identical values at YCAII. My J2 nulls have
> 19-22, so the doubled value is not obligatory, and likewise, there are
> people who seem to have had a recLOH at YCAII, but who still have a 12
> at DYS425. I think it all depends on how long a segment was involved in
> the RecLOH.
> Bonnie

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