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From: "Glen Todd" <>
Subject: RE: [DNA] Amazing Firefox capability on FTDNA projects [was, DYS425=Null]
Date: Tue, 15 Aug 2006 16:02:16 -0600
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> Of course it doesn't happen with Front Page:
> 1. It's produced by Microsoft who have a vested interest (and
> the history to go with it) of ensuring that the web pages it
> produces are designed such that they only work with Microsoft
> browsers.
> 2. It uses the false assumption that web-pages can be produced
> that are WYSIWYG when the whole basis of web pages is that they
> are not WYSIWYG but a means of displaying text and graphic
> information under the control of the recipient.
> I was talking about real web site designers.

As it happens, I agree with these points. I don't use FrontPage either - I
detest it. (Same for other WYSIWYG editors.) As it also happens,
though, I _AM_ a professional software engineer. Most project
administrators are not - nor need they be. There is a trade-off.
Requiring that all project administrators be skilled HTML programmers - and
ones that share your hatred of anything beyond the most basic of HTML -
isn't going to get you very far. There's very little economic pressure on
Microsoft to be 'standards compliant' - especially 'standards' that were
developed after the fact to be incompatible with what Microsoft has already
done - because they dominate the market. It doesn't matter whether you
like it or I like it - that's the way that things are in the real world.

This list isn't the place for a religious Redmond-versus-ABM argument.
The only legitimate arguments here are "What's most accessible to most
genealogy and population genetics users (the vast majority of whom aren't
software engineers)?" and "What site authoring technology is most accessible
to project administrators (most of whom also aren't software engineers)?"
If there are specific problems (or issues with a commercial site that has
the budget for an actual designer) with one of about the top half dozen
browsers, or specific tips and tricks that are useful to users and/or
administrators, that's one thing, but general whines about "Company X is
eeevil because they don't do things the way that _I_ like!" are not.


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