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Subject: Re: [DNA] re R1a and R1b.
Date: Wed, 16 Aug 2006 21:03:10 +0100


you probably only need to check the last two exits taken to be sure that the
truck arrived at its present location by the main road rather than via some
weird cross country route.

I can't resist misquoting:

"I''ll take the high road and you'll take the low road and I'll get to P37
before ye"


(driving down a rather empty "seen better days" SRY2627, heading who knows
where, gazing across in amazement at all the traffic on the recently built
M222 - yes, you've guessed it, I had to sit through "Cars" with my kids last

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Subject: Re: [DNA] re R1a and R1b.

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> > If the truck in question is just some nameless sample in a population
> > study, then the above statement is ok. However, if it's someone who
> > really *matters*, such as your own DNA sample, then you have to be
> > aware of not one but *two* alternate routes to M343. First is the
> > mirage (= clerical or laboratory error), which allows you to "see"
> > the truck on this road even though it's really parked on a completely
> > different one. Second is the "wormhole exit" (= parallel mutation),
> > which allows anyone, anywhere, at any time, to spontaneously jump
> > directly onto M343 even though the rest of his itinerary indicates
> > he is headed somewhere else.
> >
> > Bottom line: you *do* need to see the prior itinerary if you really
> > care about where this truck is going.
> >
> > Translation: you must check the STR haplotype and/or test other
> > upstream SNPs to make sure the SNP result is plausible.
> >
> > John Chandler
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> Excellent points, John. You're right.
> Since my SNP report tells me what my y-ancestors' itinerary was - M207+,
> M173+, M343+, and so on - I have bypassed all the rest stops and am
> currently at the S-series red light, waiting to be instructed whether to
> take Route S21, Route S28, or to continue on M269 until somebody discovers a
> new off-ramp.
> If that last thing happens, I think I will open a beer and drink while
> driving. :-)
> Rich

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