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Subject: RE: [DNA] Dutch M222+?
Date: Wed, 16 Aug 2006 23:55:00 -0700
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From the R1b project homepage, there is a link to the project data table:

Van Der Lee is listed as R1b1c7 in green text, meaning confirmed, so I'm
assuming it's accurate, since this data is pulled directly from FTDNA.

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Has anyone noticed the R1b1c7 by the name of Van Der Lee in Kerchner's R1b
haplogroup project? (I believe his Ysearch ID is RCQFK.) He has the most
extreme marker values I've seen for an R1b1c7, compared to the R1b1c7

The donor for this sample sent an email to someone else on this list a week
ago or so saying he had tested M222+ at FTDNA. So far all attempts to
him for verification have failed.

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Subject : M222+ is not the same as NW irish or ui neill9
Date : Thu, 03 Aug 2006 11:52:07 -0700
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Tim. I have just recieved subclade results from familytreedna which they
puts me in the R1b1c7 group based I assume on a m222+ result. It is my
understanding that this puts me in the nw irish haplotype. However when
the 7 dys values 390, 392, 385b,448,449, 456 and 607, I only match the 448
It is interesting to note that my family name is van der Lee and i can
my family to 15th century holland. Have you recieved any other responces
regarding european mainland m222+ values.
Sincerly, Bruce van der Lee

Curiously, he is still listed in Ysearch as haplogroup unknown. I wonder
where the R1b1c7 tag came from?


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