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From: Hal Whitmore <>
Subject: Re: [DNA] Wikipedia article Genetic Genealogy
Date: Fri, 18 Aug 2006 10:30:26 -0400
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I posted this to the list yesterday and I can't find it today either. The
article was modified some time today. I don't know how to seek the history
of modifications. I'm glad it's gone too. I thought it both inaccurate and

on 8/18/06 8:48 AM, Katherine Hope Borges at wrote:

> Can someone please point me to where the following paragraph appears in
> Wikipedia? I cannot find it. Even a search for "Rick Kittles" does not
> produce it. I hope that I can't find it because its been removed. If it
> has been removed - GOOD! ~Katherine
> "Genealogy has long been the preserve of males of the priviledged classes of
> society. Thus, the appeal of front runner Family Tree DNA's Y chromosome
> test lay primarily in its value and convenience to busy male professionals.
> By the same token, findings documenting the presence and prominence of women
> and ethnic minorities have not found a warm reception in Internet discussion
> groups or academia. Perhaps notable exceptions are the two companies African
> Ancestry, founded by Rick Kittles, Co-Director Molecular Genetics, National
> Human Genome Research Institute, Howard University, and DNA Consulting,
> owned and operated by Native Americans."
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