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Subject: DNA Tribes Question
Date: Sat, 19 Aug 2006 11:11:45 EDT

Greetings DNA Wise Ones,

My grandmother is still living at the age of 101! In 2004 her Ancestry by
DNA 2.5 results were 82% Sub-Saharan African, 18% European, 0% NA, & 0% EA. Our
Nat'l Geographic mtDNA is L3 with mutations at 16223T, 16265T, 16519C, &
16527T. African Ancestry determined there was an exact match among the Yoruba.

I know that autosomal DNA inferences are still in their infancy, but while
she's with us, she's been game to do the swabbing so that we have her DNA
information. I submitted a sample to DNA Tribes for autosomal testing (mailed July
22) and quickly received the emailed PDF results on Aug 2. I've read many of
the results posted to Charles K's Log, and there are no others with such
"weak" results as hers. My main interest is in making sure that we have a good
sample, so I'm wondering if the admixture is too great or if there may have been
a contamination. Here are the top 5 in each category:
Part B: Native Population Match and Part C: Global Population Match were
exactly the same -
Upper Caste Andhra Pradesh, India - 49.6
Lower Middle Caste Andhra Pradesh, India - 38.4
Upper Middle Caste Andhra Pradesh, India - 37.2
Mongol - 17.1
Chueta - 10.9

Part D: World Region Match (Nothing close to even 1):
Sub-Saharan African - 0.4 (less than 0.45)
North African - 0.3
Arabian - 0.1 (less than 0.15)
Tibetan - almost 0.1
Asia Minor - about 0.06

Obviously, there's certainly nothing definitive here, but like I said, my
primary interest is in making sure we have good samples preserved. I haven't
heard back from the company as to whether they thought there could have been
contamination. So, what do you folks think?


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