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From: "A DesCartes" <>
Subject: Re: [DNA] Haplogroups in Slovenia - Why would I1a even be ``Viking``?
Date: Tue, 22 Aug 2006 20:55:51 -0400

On 8/22/06, Ken Nordtvedt <> wrote:
> Vikings are not needed to explain so much I1a in Slovenia. Germans will
> do.
> Slovenia is tucked right up against Austria, and there is no reason to
> expect the Germanic expansions to quit at today's borders, or indeed at
> natural borders. If we could sample the Italian Tyrol on the south side
> of
> the crest of the Alps, we'd get lots of Germanic ydna.
> In SMGF I get DYS462 = 12 I1a 9 to 1 relative to DYS462 = 13 I1a for
> Slovenia. That does not point to Vikings.
> And I actually get more I1a than Dinaric I1b in Slovenia.
> Ken
> All this mention of I1a being ``Viking`` seems very dubious at best. I1a
> is most certainly a derivative of the Slavic `I` haplogroup, that is very
> populous throughout eastern europe. As pertains to germanic scandinavians,
> virtually all `Vikings` in western europe were from

1) *Denmark* (*overwhelmingly* R1B ) or

> 2) *Norway*, which is *predominately* R1B on the seafaring western coast,
> which is most populous, and from which ships could even launch.

Only *Sweden* has a notable, but not overwhelming, surplus of I1A, and
that is concentrated away from the population centers in the south.

Sweden`s `viking` activity was almost exclusively into Russia and the
Slavic lands to the east. As pertains to Slovenia, it is much more likely
that the I1a originates from the native ``I`` already found there which
later moved north from the slavic regions into Scandinavia (instead of the
other way around, which is ludicrous).

In the west, i.e. England, which recieved most all of their Scandinavian
settlers from DENMARK (the danelaw) along with influx`s of
coastal Norwegians into York, it would seem very unlikely that the majority
haplogroup would be other than R1B.

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