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Date: Wed, 23 Aug 2006 15:56:08 -0500
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Upgrade at FTDNA and get the Deep SNP test.


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Subject: [DNA] Genographic Update

The format for the Genographic project has changed slightly. You may
recall that I had been unable to get in for several days. I still don't
know if they truly did send my sample back for "quality control" or not.
But their placement of me has changed. Instead of R1a, they've now got
me R1a1--not too unlikely in that R1ax is rare and R1a1 is pretty
common; but how do they know? Next to my haplogroup designation of R1a1
they say "(M17)" which could be redundant. It wouldn't be in the sense
that M17 might be inferred from the distribution of STRs rather than
from an actual measurement. So how about other participants signing in
and seeing if your display is different. I can't tell from NGeo 's site
if they've indeed SNP tested me or not. I can't tell if they'll even
tell you necessarily. I guess if they gave you no hint after their
initial notification that you were on SNP hold and you had had to wait
for >5 weeks rather than my initial 2 weeks, they might have told some
of you. I guess in the meantime, I'll write the lady who asked me for
my ID. She hasn't written back.

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