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From: Jim T <>
Subject: Distribution of DYF371 (and DYS425) in Ymatch
Date: Fri, 25 Aug 2006 12:02:38 -0700 (PDT)
In-Reply-To: <>

DYF371 appears to be a slow mutator that has an interesting
distribution in Ymatch. 56% of the testees have the modal
values. The rest are distributed among 19 different small
clusters. It looks like DYF371 could be very useful for the 44%
who have non-modal values.

It seems likely that additional small clusters will be
discovered as more people are tested. Some of the known small
clusters are likely to be more rare in the general population
than the numbers in Ymatch suggest because some families with
non-modal values, like the Atheys (10c-13c-13c-14t), have had
multiple family members tested.

One of the reasons that this marker is so useful is that DNA-FP
tests both c-types and t-types. This makes it possible to
distinguish between, for example,

The t-type is also known as DYS425. 6.6% of the DYF371 entries
in Ymatch lack a t-type, and thus would have a null DYS425.
There are no entries in Ymatch with multiple t-types. I wish
that FTDNA would replace their DYS425 test with a DYF371 test.
Even if they don't, you will be able to order DYS371 separately
from FTDNA after Thomas Krahn finishes setting up their new
"boutique" lab.

9c-10c-12t-13c 1
9c-10c-12t-14c 1
9c-12t-13c-14c 1 *
10c-10c-13c-13c 4
10c-10c-13c-14c 4 *
10c-11t-13c-14c 1 *
10c-12t-12c-15c 2
10c-12t-13c-13c 9 *
10c-12t-13c-14c 69 *
10c-12t-13c-14c-15c 1
10c-12t-13c-15c 1
10c-12t-13c-16c 1
10c-12t-14c 4 *
10c-12t-14c-14c 5
10c-12t-14c-14c-14c 1
10c-12t-14c-15c 1
10c-12t-15c-15c 4
10c-12t-15c-16c 1
10c-13c-13c-14t 9
10c-13c-13t-14c 1 *
10c-13c-13t-15c 1
10c-13t-14c-14c 1

* indicates that the cluster has at lease 1 R1b in it.

Jim Turner

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