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Subject: RE: [DNA] Silly paper talk 'the Irish came from Spain' etc
Date: Sat, 26 Aug 2006 12:51:39 +1000
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Well Tacitus said that the Silures of Wales being dark and curly haired
looked like Iberians and maybe had come from there. So Cunliffe not being
that original.

Maybe the Silures are eastern Mediterranean, with U6b mtdna, but arrived
much earlier than Phoenician/Neolithic traders

Interesting Silures had a pottery free and stone house free culture like the
Gaelic folk, and also avoided the Iron Age.

"There is a cluster of Neolithic and Bronze-Age monuments on the Gower
Peninsula which may represent the original tribal homelands, but It would
appear that the Iron-Age is not very well represented in Siluria. This is
perhaps due to the tribespeople leading an almost wholly pastoral lifestyle,
having no permanent stone-built dwellings, and preferring to live in
make-shift temporary structures which have left very little archaeological
evidence. Their aceramic (pottery-free) culture suggests that they survived
mainly off the rich flora and fauna of woodland and marsh in a somewhat
carefree hunter-gatherer type of lifestyle."

It's interesting that Aborigines in Tasmania once they were cut off from the
Australian mainland by the rising sea after the Last Glaciation even forgot
simple things like fishing, maybe similarly the gaels cut off by the Post
Bronze Age economic depression, forgot how to make pots. It intrigues me.

brian quinn

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