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Subject: Re: [DNA] The Unreliable SNP
Date: Sat, 26 Aug 2006 23:05:45 EDT


When my brother and cousin were tested last year, their haplogroup was
decided as R1b based on P25.

If P25 is no longer being used as a haplogroup-defining SNP, what SNP would
determine the R1b haplogroup? They are now R1b1c by FTDNA.


Nora Hopkins FitzGerald

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If P25 was discovered now it would not be regarded as a haplogroup-defining
SNP, merely an interesting mutation strongly associated with the M343 SNP
and almost as strongly associated with M269 (at least in Europe). But it was
discovered before the complete structure of the Y chromosome was known and
was the first SNP-like variation to be associated with the Atlantic Modal
Haplotype. As such it is - for now - still included in the Y chromosome


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