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Subject: Re: [GENEALOGY-DNA] Chinese Mummy Blue Eyes
Date: Wed, 30 Aug 2006 19:46:06 EDT

Thanks, Mary. I couldn't figure out how the scientists knew the mummies had
blue eyes.


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I sure wish I had committed more of this to memory.

The tall woman, I believe, predeceased a baby of hers. The baby was buried
with a (leather?) fake breast to feed the baby milk after the mother died.
remember feeling sad about that. I suppose they gave the baby sheep's
The baby's body had stones (painted to look like eyes) over the baby's
eyes. I still remember the slides showing the stone-eyes were painted blue
and the scientists talking about how the people had light colored eyes and

I think, since the mummies were dried out--being buried in salt--their body
parts were relatively in tact despite being dried out.

Mary Mallett

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