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From: "Bernie Cullen" <>
Subject: Re: [GENEALOGY-DNA] NW Irish modal
Date: Wed, 30 Aug 2006 19:06:14 -0700

A member of the Cullen surname project is an exact match with "Niall" (the
12 marker haplotype Gael listed/the first 12 markers of ysearch id M5UKQ).

He has 376 exact matches at FTDNA who chose to disclose their email
addresses to their matches, and 443 exact matches in the Recent Ancestral
Origins database at FTDNA. (I take it some people didn't wish to share their
email address with matches, and other people who listed paternal origin as
"unknown" are not included in the RAO database).

His RAO matches are as follows:
Ireland 249
Northern Ireland 4
Scotland 91
England 33
Wales 6
United Kingdom 31
British Isles 9
others: Africa 1, France 1, Germany 8, Iceland 1, Norway 2, Spain 1, Sweden
1, United States 1

I believe each testee is supposed to list the country of his earliest known
male ancestor, so someone whose paternal ancestor came from Scotland to
Ireland in the 1600s before later coming to the New World should list
"Scotland" in the RAO.

The one-step mismatches show a similar pattern Ireland 326, Scotland 126,
England 46, etc.


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