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Subject: Re: [GENEALOGY-DNA] nw Irish modal - Connaught
Date: Wed, 30 Aug 2006 20:24:54 -0700 (PDT)
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Your note has got me wondering about modals. How can ANYONE living today have a match to an ancient modal? Genetic drift happens. Obviously, many people do match, but some of the results must be due to chance genetic drift. How many, I wonder. So if I try to match to M5UKQ, maybe it is not unreasonable, as I think you suggest when you say to search off modal, to let markers be plus or minus 1. I may be too strict in my requirement that matches must be = to M5uKQ on 12 markers.

Thank you, and everyone on this list for your ideas. It is an evolving education, much appreciated!


Craig wroie:

Gael - As the NW Irish modal seems to be very old, I might suggest that you search off modal, some of my reasoning follows.

Though it now turns out (thanks to dna) that I am not related to the Irish Dowds (surname was Doude - S28+ from Kent), my surname has obviously led me to observing the Irish Dowd haplotypes.

This sept, with various spellings, in Ireland has a single, firm origin in 10th century Connaught (Sligo and Mayo), with a traditional descent from a half-brother of Niall (Fiachra). I am aware of 12 tests so far for this surname ... 10 ftdna, 1 smgf, and 1 other (remains private). A distant cousin and I count for 2 of the 12. Of the remaining 10, 3 are probably related; counting them as 1, that leaves 8 haplotypes ... 7 of which are certainly NW Irish.

7/8 for a sept with that traditional descent NOT from Niall, but a brother of Niall seems to be more than a coincidence. The kicker is that 6 of the 7 are off modal by about 1 marker. Now, from what I've been reading on this list, it seems that the larger number of mutations would be an indicator of greater age. Even though these folks may not probably all descend from Dubhda himself, they almost certainly had ancestors living in ancient Connaught who adopted this surname ... so, however related, were probably firmly planted there for a long, long time. I look forward to seeing the interpretations of some of the experts on this list ... I enjoy all of the dialogue.

I believe that there are many more families with similar stories I.e. a pretty large chunk of the McTiernans. If I'm not mistaken, John has pointed some them out before more than once on this list (Connachta ... NW Irish, not Niall) - browse some of his posts in archives.

West to East ... East to West (and back?) ... I don't know. But if you look at the entire planet, this particular haplogroup is quite interesting in how geographically pinpointed it already is!

Craig Dowd

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