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Subject: Re: [GENEALOGY-DNA] NW Irish modal
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For one, on the whole the best lands were not there.


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> Would there be any significant features in NW Ireland that a large
> population of the original Mesoliithic population could have been pushed
> into NW Ireland by the later, but early other settlers?
> Does access to the sea make NW Ireland a good location for certain early
> cultures in Ireland?
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>>Subject: Re: [GENEALOGY-DNA] NW Irish modal
>>Date: Wed, 30 Aug 2006 23:37:19 EDT
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>>And it seems not to be particularly associated with one or a
>>few clans --- it is well diffused in the population. Does that not
>>speak to it antiquity in the population from an era before the various
>>came into being and took their names that appear in chronicles?
>>I'll work through Sorenson myself since you issued the challenge. I've
>>mainly used Ysearch so far except for isolated samples.
>> But here's a question for you as well.
>> The NW Irish DNA is virtually non-existent in the south of Ireland. In
>>Trinity spreadsheet of 1127 DNA samples, taken broadly across Ireland,
>>of the samples that match the NW Irish modal came from Ulster . Connacht
>>another 14%. Together these two baronies account for 72% of the NW Irish
>>in the spreadsheet. Munster comes in at 5.7%; Leinster at 14%. The
>>in Leinster might be skewed somewhat because Ireland's largest city
>>is in Leinster. The totals in Connacht might also be skewed by the
>>surnames in the file.
>> What I would like to know, in an island roughly the size of the state
>>Illinois, why there are relatively so few NW Irish DNA samples to be
>>the south of Ireland, ie., Munster and Leinster? If the DNA had been in
>>Ireland for untold centuries wouldn't one expect to find it more widely
>>represented in territories outside of Ui Neill control than it is? Two
>>the major
>>surnames in the south of Ireland are well represented in the spreadsheet
>>(O'Sullivan and McCarthy). Out of 67 O'Sullivan samples, exactly 2 are
>>Out of 66 McCarthy samples. 2 are NW Irish.
>> Where we do find the NW Irish DNA very heavily is in surnames
>>with Ui Neill territory in Ulster and Connacht (Bradley, McGinley,
>>McGinn, McGovern, MacKiernan, O'Connor, O'Reilly,Ryan). There are also a
>>surprises in this spreadsheet in terms of surnames that match the NW
>>modal (Dunlevy, O'Haughey). Even the Maguinness clan in the NE of
>>appear to have a large NW Irish contingent among their R1b popululation.
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