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From: "Steven Bird" <>
Subject: [DNA] Cruciani 2006 paper on E3b - Balkans = alpha cluster
Date: Sun, 24 Sep 2006 11:35:44 -0400
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Here is a relevant section of Cruciani's 2006 paper concerning new divisions
of E3b:


*Congruence between microsatellite clusters and haplogroups/paragroups*

There is a strong correspondence between the microsatellite and UEP
findings. Genetic differentiation among UEP-defined groups of
microsatellite-haplotypes is quite high (Rst = 0.59; P<10-3), and very
similar to that, discussed above, obtained by the grouping of the haplotypes
into clusters. We also explored the correspondence between the two types of
markers at a geographical level. There is a high and significant correlation
observed between pairwise binary-haplogroup-based and
microsatellite-haplotype-based distances among nine geographic regions (r =
0.91; P< 10-3). The two-dimensional plots from MDS show similar clusters of
populations (Fig. 3), with slight differences possibly due to differential
sensitivity of st and Rst to different mutational processes.

North-western Africa, eastern Africa and the Balkans are well separated from
each other and also from the central cluster in bothdiagrams. The
differences are explained to a large extent by: the haplotypes associated
with paragroup E-M78* (predominantly observed in north-western Africa),
haplogroup E-V32 (found almost exclusively in eastern Africa) and haplogroup
E-V13 (the only subset of E-M78 observed in the Balkans). E-V13 is also
commonly found in the populations of the central cluster, where, however,
other E-M78 sub-haplogroups are also present.


It appears from this research that the E3b1a2 (the so-called '"alpha"
cluster of E3b) originated in the Balkans and that the V13 mutation is
definitive for that cluster, even if it is not yet at the "end" of the twig.
If you have V13, you're alpha cluster. If you're alpha cluster, your male
ancestor originated in the Balkans.

My male ancestor was found in England prior to 1639. He probably was born
about 1600. We have proved that his Y DNA was also E3b1a2. My research
questions are therefore focusing on exactly HOW his line got to Britain
before 1600. With the Wright and Hobart families, also alpha cluster, and
provable in England prior to 1425, the window of opportunity narrows a bit
more. (The Birds are intermarried with these other two families in early
New England. It's not likely to be a coincidence, since these early
settlers traveled and settled together for several generations.

So two families descended from Balkan males find themselves in England in
1425, as members of the landed gentry. How did they get there????

Steve Bird


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