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From: "George Haynes" <>
Subject: Re: [DNA] Oppenheimer's book and Hoddinott's book
Date: Sun, 8 Oct 2006 10:33:33 -0400
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Bonnie says

> We have every intention of publishing it in a journal, though it won't
> be immediately. We're now in the process of recruiting more co-authors,
> who can contribute more data to make this a more significant and
> interesting paper. This is going well so far, though I haven't been
> able to follow up on it for a few weeks, due to the need to concentrate
> on the poster. It would be nice to put the poster online after the
> conference. I'll try to do that unless I find out some reason why it
> shouldn't be done. The poster includes a J2a1k frequency map based on a
> statistical analysis of YHRD data by new methods developed by Whit
> Athey. The mapping program was developed by Dean McGee, and I used
> Whit's statistics and Dean's program, as well as NASA's WorldWind, to
> generate the map. Hopefully by the time the paper is published, we may
> have an even better system in place.

Congrats Bonnie that your hard work is finally being recognized. I've been
long anticipating your paper and am happy to see you are getting close to
publication. Recruiting Jim Wilson is an excellent idea and hopefully he
is still diligently looking for a SNP corresponding to that mutirepeat
deletion resulting in DYS445 = 6. I'm curious if you have any new thoughts
related to my small subgroup with DYS462 = 8. Are you still looking at it
as an outlier from the modal of 11? I really couldn't find any coherence to
the group.

Whit and I are estimating that J2a1k makes up about 15% of J2
> in Europe. A substantial amount of J2a1k seems to be found in Syria as
> well as in Turkey, and probably in other nearby countries.

So are you know looking at Anatolia or the Middle East as a possible point
of origin of J2alk? I recall at one stage Greece or the Balkans was being
considered. Might the subgroup have been founded soon after the M410
mutation? And 15% for J2alk in Europe- didn't expect it to be that high.

George Haynes

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