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From: "Aaron Hill" <>
Subject: Re: [DNA] Norwegian regional variance and modals part 1
Date: Mon, 11 Dec 2006 22:20:05 +0000
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Is there a website (URL) where this is located? It is a bit difficult to
read and understand because the formatting is abit off.


From: Tjatses Tjatses <>
Subject: [DNA] Norwegian regional variance and modals part 1
Date: Mon, 11 Dec 2006 22:27:30 +0100 (CET)

Hi list,

I have made straightforward variance and modals analysis of the
supplementary data from Dupuy 2005 using the VAR() and MODE() function in MS
Excel and wish for a second view of these findings. There may be errors I am
not able to see now, I am assuming that loci with 0 variance should be
excluded from the averaging as this made my N3 variance calculation somewhat
in accordance with the N3 the latest paper of Rootsi 2006 where the national
N3 variance was calculated to 0.27 (I got 0.29). If anyone know their
formula let me know, I didnt manage in the endless chain of references.

These are the regional haplogroup frequencies, the hg notation is not
exactly as in Dupuy but I use these because they probably are good
aproximations and easier to remember.

Region I1a R1b R1a Oslo 40,4 35,8 19,3
Bergen 33,3 35,5 28 South 42,2 44,7 13,2 West 30,2 43,2 24,3
Middle 39,7 27,1 31,5 North 34,7 26,8 27,1 East 41,4 26,4

Samples in each region to each hg studied, these cover most of the

Region I1a R1b R1a Oslo 57 39 21 Bergen
30 33 26 South 33 34 10 West 91 130 73 Middle 126 86
100 North 131 101 102 East 204 130 132

The sample variations for each hg and each region

Region I1a R1b R1a Oslo 0,49 0,41 0,33
Bergen 0,35 0,44 0,39 South 0,54 0,37 0,31 West 0,40 0,35
0,36 Middle 0,42 0,59 0,28 North 0,30 0,66 0,41 East 0,41
0,62 0,30

Comment: R1b freq is lowest in east, north and middle, these are also the
areas where R1b have their highest frequency especially in the north and the
east. It may have to do with the sample size. I1a have lowest freq in west
and north, and highest in the south, and highest variance in the south and
lowest in the north. R1a have highest freq in the north and have its lowest
variance in the middle and in the east.



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