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Subject: Re: [DNA] Haplogroup Q (was Order of importance)
Date: Wed, 20 Dec 2006 16:46:58 -0600
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Just emailed you the Hap-Q's Tree and Phylogram-type diagram
with the YSEARCH Q's that have 37 markers posted.



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Subject: [DNA] Haplogroup Q (was Order of importance)


I have amassed modals for the Q populations of Central Asia and as far
west as I can find them. Most are unfortunately from private sources and I
have been given access with the express promise that it is for my private
study. Some day we will get permission to get them published. Most are,
however, in the less than 10 Y-STR category anyway so their usefulness is
questionable except to use in a blunt instrument kind of way to see major
similarities and differences. There is definitely a distinct European Q and
I have yet to see a Central Asian tribe that to me would be close kin or
ancestral to this group. I think it is a sampling problem as their is a
high degree of diversity at the tribal level in the modal Q haplotypes.
Hopefully the Genographic Project has experienced more success with the
Ataians and other groups near the Mongolian border with Siberia than they
have had of late with their distant cousins in Alaska. Does anyone have a
list of the tribes they
sampled in the Altai Mountains and Silk Road region? I can compare this
with my own database to see if there is likely to be anything new turn up.


Lowe DNA <> wrote:

I am sure that you will begin to find pockets of Q somewhere in Northern
Germany or Denmark that might lead back down the Danube to Constantinople
and back east down the Silk Road to central Asia. It will be interesting not
only to find changes from East Anglia versus the Orkney-Dublin populations
as my Lowes are I1a, but also perhaps give a distinct group of
"European Q's" separate from present day Altaians.

Know that all of +172 Hap-Q's on YSEARCH would like to see some of the
eastern geneticists tackle a full-blown study of the Altai region Q's to
identify new SNPs and develop new sub-clades as the present Q1-Q4 subclades
are just letting the DNA testing companies taxonomically place us into any
of the known Q subclades. Many of us are still Q* which just doesn't work
for us.

BTW, John McEwan graciously helped me with his software to create
hierarchical trees and a phylogram chart dispersion of all of the Q's with
37 markers at YSEARCH. Will email these two diagrams to you, and all the
HAP-Q readers here, if you would like to see them. Let me know.


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Subject: Re: [DNA] Order of importance

I have heard it said many times Bill that this is "not possible", well I
don't believe that for a minute. A few more SNPs and marker clusters
identified and tied to geography and voila.

Jim Wilson and his colleagues in Britain and Ireland will be doing the
bulk of the work. I will "leak" what they allow me to :-) I have a pretty
good handle on my own haplogroup R1b1c10 which seems to have revealed its
story without much coaxing. The others will yield. Now haplogroup Q, that
is going to be very interesting. There is virtually none in Denmark so we
must look north - but to Norway or Sweden? My money is on Norway as the
vast majority of non - Dane Vikings were Norse - at least those raiding and
settling west of the Skatigat at the tip of Jutland. At least you know that
I am fascinated with the presence of haplogroup Q, which is Central Asian,
so far west and want to get to the bottom of the story of its travels. We
have a few Croatian Hvar Island Q in our freezer and will do extended
haplotype testing one of these days.


Lowe DNA wrote:

Perhaps as the publications are completed, we may be able to distinguish
the Danes and Germanic folks that settled these two areas of the British

And perhaps David will be able to detect differences and report his findings


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