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From: "Robert Tarín" <>
Subject: Re: [DNA] Frequencies for 459 Unique R1b Iberian Origin Haplotypes
Date: Sat, 23 Dec 2006 01:04:38 -0600
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Lawrence, et al,
For curiosity's sake I took my dataset of 459 R1b Iberian origin haplotypes
and ran them through McGee's comparison utility to for TMRCA. My settings
were for the infinite allele model, using McDonald's mutation rates, 50%
probability, and a 30 year generation time. Below is what resulted and I
wonder what this might indicate for Iberian R1b. I know that a modal, in
this case the AMH, does not necessarilly represent the haplotype of the
founder but does this indicate a bottleneck population or a relatively young
group? I know we have to take these figures with a grain of salt and I
wonder also what the 25 and 37 marker analysis will show. What can we
conclude from this if anything?

TMRCA results in years
Minimum = 450
Maximum = 7350
Average = 2877
Mean = 2670

BTW, the haplotype match with Vass had a 7350 year TMRCA. I will add the
data to my online spreadsheet later tonight.


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