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From: David Faux <>
Subject: Re: [DNA] United Empire Loyalist DNA Registry Project
Date: Fri, 5 Jan 2007 12:06:06 -0800 (PST)
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Years ago I worked with a committee who spent months of agonizing discussion to try to come to a consensus as to who is and who is not to be considered a UE, trying to interpret the original British documents since it was the British who established the criteria as to who they wished to confer special status - the right of descendants of persons who did their duty during the Revolutionary War and supported the Loyalist / British cause to append "U.E." after their names. The UELA has genealogists who assess each application in light of the documentation such as the "Old UEL List" used to convey land grants to Loyalists and their children. Basically if your ancestor received a land grant in Canada as a "U.E. Petitioner" then there is no question. In other instances there needs to be a case by case analysis. I can recall the days of "transition" where we demanded genealogical proof before admitting people to the UELA as full members. There were many who were
descendants of "late Loyalists" (really Americans looking for free land in Canada but with no or questionalbe wartime service) and were upset as their parents and grandparents had always considered themselves to be Loyalists so what right did we have to make the rules. Actually we were interpreting the rules writtten in not exactly the most precise of language set down 200 plus years ago by the British Crown.

In short, your question is one that would need to be answered by the Membership Committee at UELA Headquarters. They will be my ultimate authority.

David Faux.

steven perkins <> wrote:

Is this open to descendants of Loyalists who remained in the USA, or
only to those who removed to Canada?

The brothers, Timothy, and Joseph Perkins, of New Haven, CT, and
Wilkes/Ashe Counties, NC, were Loyalists in the Revolutionary War.
Some other relatives removed to Canada from VT and CT. We have tested
lines from both brothers and from a brother of their father.


Steven C. Perkins

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