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From: "Alister John Marsh" <>
Subject: Re: [DNA] DNA of U.S. Revolutionaries? Project Idea
Date: Sat, 6 Jan 2007 13:09:31 +1300
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You said...
I don't really understand the point of this type of project. Presumably our
ancestors were not driven to become revolutionaries or loyalits because of
their Y chromosome DNA.

It might be argued that the founding ancestors of persons whose surname is
Smith were not driven to select their surname on the basis of their type of
Y chromosome DNA. Most surname projects include families of diverse origins
with diverse Y-DNA haplogroups, just as the Loyalist project will have.

There seems a compulsion amongst many "internet genealogists" to append
their tree to an early well known family of their surname, often these early
"claimed ancestors" are Loyalists. The more notable the person, the more
"claimed descendants" he seems to accumulate. I have found instances where
these claimed descendants have different Y-DNA haplogroups, yet claim the
same ancestor.

As Loyalist families are often the target of those searching for a notable
early family to claim, it would surely be of considerable value to the DNA
Genealogy community to have a database of "creditably verified" haplotypes
for the early Loyalists. I have no USA family connections myself, but I
think this will be a valuable project. It should benefit my surname
project, as several of my surname were apparently prominent Loyalists. I am
looking into these, to see if I can offer anything which might be of use to

Anything which promotes Genealogical DNA testing is good. Especially
projects like this which encompass multitudes of surnames. Those of us with
surname projects may pick up a few participants as a spin off from this. It
could be said that the National Geographic DNA project was of no direct
"genealogical" use to participants, but many of us, me included, have picked
up a number of surname project participants as a spin off.

Thinking ahead, perhaps if EA do the testing of these families, they may in
a year or two identify SNPs specific to some of these Loyalist ancestors.

I am pleased David has initiated this Loyalist project.


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