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From: John Cartmell <>
Subject: Re: [DNA] United Empire Loyalist DNA Registry Project
Date: Sat, 06 Jan 2007 20:17:33 +0000 (GMT)
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On 06 Jan, Ken Nordtvedt <> wrote:

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> Again the bomb was set off by people financed by
> > citizens of the USA with their minds woolly on stupid myths.
> >
> > The civil war in North America (ie the one up to 1812ish) happened. Some
> > took one side and some another for different and personal reasons.
> > Pretending that the split makes any sense worth commemorating in any way
> > (other than in regretting the loss of life on all sides) is wrong. It
> > perpetuates myths and encourages further loss of life.

> You should have quit while you were ahead --- the first issue you raised.
> USA is 300 million people; only a tiny fraction supported the IRA
> terrorists.

The false myths made their support for terrorism appear respectable.

> But a large number of us know the "split" we made with rule from Britain
> was an Earth-changing event for the better, and we'd go down the same path
> again.

They do. A pity that knowledge is almost invariably up the creek. The North
American colonies were almost entirely self-governing. The 'no taxation
without representation' slogan was a lie on every level. The war was a civil
war and included local casualties on all local sides - and there were more
than two. And I object to myths that are lies that cause continuing conflict.

And this list should be part of a science that is about finding clear truths
that help dismiss stupid lies. More than (practically?) any other country the
USA has genealogical input that is incredibly diverse. Its people have no
fundamental conflict with any other people - no matter what their government
may have thought about other governments long gone. More than any other people
they have no need for false morale-boosting foundation myths to prop up their

So can we please keep to finding what's true? None of us should feel the need
to confirm descent from princes or patriots - just whoever, by accident,
happened to share our genes at an earlier time.


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