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From: Jonathan Day <>
Subject: Re: [DNA] Worth getting yet more extras?
Date: Mon, 29 Jan 2007 10:00:29 -0800 (PST)
In-Reply-To: <000501c74367$61c7e050$6400a8c0@Ken1>

Ah, now =that= is information I can work with. The
genetic distance is 4, which seems a little high but
may be workable. That was an extremely helpful
suggestion, and some excellent background data, and I
do thank you for that.

Sorenson gives a likely time to most recent ancestor
of a shade over 1,000 years - I'd like to know more
about the science behind that, as they also give this
a 33% probability. By the time you approach an 80%
probability, you're looking at 1,500 years.

Assuming that Sorenson's guess is correct, then this
would fit the timeline I've provisionally been
sketching out (Norse settlers in Ireland, later moving
to England). Durham seems a little odd, but is
geographically within what I would expect.

You are correct in saying this needs more detective
work, but I now have a solid lead that - if it pans
out - would provide an excellent place to start. Then
it's on to Norway, to the area in question, to see
what the local history gurus there can tell me.

As for my use of the marker - I'm sure that there are
plenty of geneticists and statisticians who would
agree totally with you, and it makes no sense for me
to argue the point further. The less-knowledgeable can
always have important insights that they should stand
up for, but they also need to recognize when the
foundations they're working from are too shaky and I'm
going to say that that's where I am on this.

Besides which, the example you found is the
intermediate case I've been looking for, making the
marker case completely moot. I now have a data point
that appears to satisfy all three conditions and can
possibly answer a whole bunch of questions.


--- Ken Nordtvedt <> wrote:

> Well you have a close match from "Braithwaite" from
> Yorkshire. Now this
> name is a direct English rendition of Breatvedt, a
> farm name near Oslo which
> happens to be just a few kilometers from the
> Nordtvedt farm from which my
> ancestral line comes from.
> The Yorkshire family no doubt took their name from a
> hamlet in Yorkshire
> once sonamed by Scandinavian settlers 1200 years
> ago.
> But you can only squeeze so much information out of
> a mutation of 392 to 12
> from 11. Much detective work is still needed to
> figure out when and where
> this particular case of the mutation to 12 occured.
> I am sure it has
> occured a number of times within the I1a-N or I1a-uN
> I suspect you may be
> trying to read too much into a mutation here and
> there in your haplotype.
> Ken

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