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Subject: Re: [DNA] News item: the Yorkshire A1 surname is REVIS
Date: Mon, 29 Jan 2007 22:07:43 -0500
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I am no scientist but I would guess that a Revis that was in Britain early
as the mid 1700`s would have been from a early pool of slaves, before the
explosion into a huge global business. If say a slave was taken in west
africa, by the dominant locals ( Bantu - e3a), and sold to european
slavers maybe they took him from the local weaker minority group
(A1), instead of from there own relatives or tribe.

Later on in the slave trade, the european demand would be so great that the
Bantu locals would likely, for profit grab anyone, even from the larger pool
of other bantu`s to sell and get the trade goods they wanted from the
slavers. Even enslaving there own larger E3a `relatives` - people are

If a A1 slave was shipped to British Jamaica in say 1650, that could have
been 100 years before his desendent arrived in Britain- during that time he
likely had a mixed slave wife who had been fathered by a caucasian. By the
time his great-g--grandson was brought into england by a returning european
Revis, all those generations could have more caucasian ancestry each time.
The A1 Revis who arrived in England could easily be heavily european in
appearance, except for his Y-DNA. At emancipation a few years later he
would easily blend into the local population and all the spouses from
1750 on would be full europeans- for 250 years till today. The descendants
today would not be african in appearance at all.

My mothers family has relatives in tennessee and I joined the Melungeon list
(they just argue though) on rootsweb because this pertains to them. There
are full caucasian *appearing* Melungeons in america who are E3a, and did
not know it until y-dna testing, because it was not something there
relatives passed down to them. This is in spite of historical census
records that clearly show them sometimes as FPC (free persons of color).
This was hidden then because the family did not want it known and often
moved to places like tennessee where it was a frontier, no records were
kept, and they could start over as white, instead of indian (which would get
you deported to Oklahoma) or black, which you lose all civil rights. What
did the A1 Revis have to gain by passing such information down? nothing- he
was protecting his family who finally has a chance.

On 1/28/07, R. & G. Stevens <> wrote:
> Wasn't West Africa the source for most of the black slaves brought to the
> Americas? Isn't A1 somewhat scarce in West Africa, where E3a prevails? Do
> we
> know if any of the African-American Revises are A1?

The article says in fact that A1 is *specific* to west africa -

"We found that he was in haplogroup A1, which is highly West
African-specific," said Turi King, a co-author

I think the stuff about his ancestor being possibly a `berber` or north
african is the person trying to find a more acceptable route for dealing
with this mattur. A1 is sub-suharan african, not caucasian Berber, and that
is not what the researchers said .

What proportion of African-Americans are A1?

You may be right, since you seem to have found a connection between the
Revis family and the N. American-African slave trade, but a result of A1
rather than E3a seems rather surprising to me if that is the case.

I think that one route to go down would be to check other afro american
Revis for A1, but the problem is that most afro americans children today are
not born legitimate to married couples and many may not even know who there
father is, so it is not a real good group to rely on last names to confirm
y-dna links unfortunately. Probably best is to check ship registers for
Revis` returning to northern seaports who were accompanied by slave(s).


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