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From: "MaryJo Neyer" <>
Subject: [DNA] 3 DIFFERENCES OUT OF 67 MARKERS -Significance?
Date: Thu, 8 Feb 2007 21:59:26 -0500

Dear List,

I mentioned before that our Maryland Tolley has a lot of matches with
Virginia Talleys. We just received the 67 marker upgrade, and with these
additional markers again he has a number of close matches. The data is very
nicely summarized on the Talley surname web page. My question, can we get
any kind of rough estimate as to when the common ancestor for these men who
all match one another at the 67 marker within 3 or 4 degrees and share the
same surname? We know they all trace their ancestry back to colonial
Virginia/southern Maryland, but we still can't find a paper trail to find
the common ancestor. Can we make any rough mathematical calculations as to
when that common ancestor lived?
Thank you. Mary Jo

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