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Subject: Re: [DNA] Southwest England 23/11/13/13 hotspot
Date: Thu, 1 Mar 2007 18:16:24 -0400
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I do not disagree that the spread of beaker
technology reflects an outside influence.
People do not talk in terms of Beaker people

Regardless, beakers spread throughout the
British Isles - up through Scotland and
in Ireland. The spread of 23/11/13/13
is not as great. Hence I have problems
with 23/11/13/13 equating with the spread
of beakers in the British Isles.

The scenario I think relevant here is the
upheaval going on throughout Europe
which also ties into the collapse of the
Hittite and Mycenaean kingdoms.
Widespread famine may have resulted in a
lot of shifts in populations. However, this
is also the time of the mysterious Sea
Peoples which only the Egyptians was able
to hold up against.


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> Peter,
> How about the Beaker people who arrived in Wessex prior to 2300 BCE? They
> changed the axis of Stonehenge to create the second stage of Stonehenge,
> that aligned it with the sun indicating sun worship. A speculation might
> be
> that they were bringing in fresh ideas from the IndoEuropean Culture.
> Maybe the hap is what the Amesbury Archer would have had- a Beaker leader
> buried near Stonehenge in about 2400 bce, but he was from somewhere
> between
> Switzerland and Sweden judging by his oxygen isotopes. Mind you that would
> account for the strange distribution of the hap and be a localised
> invasion
> from the continent.
> See
> Brian Quinn
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