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From: "William Hurst" <>
Subject: [DNA] mtDNA on Genographic website
Date: Sun, 04 Mar 2007 11:48:11 -0500

Hi all,

One of my new K Project members, who had tranferred results from the
Genographic Project to FTDNA, asked me two questions about the Genographic
site this morning. She had clicked on the mtDNA diagram under See Your
Results, then on SNPs. The only thing that shows up there for her, and for
me, is "K10550," so she asked what that meant. I finally figured out that
that must be the SNP FTDNA uses to determine one is a K. In Houston last
October we were told that they tested 22 different SNPs (same number for
Y-DNA, oddly enough) to determine haplogroups; but were not given a list of
these. K10550 is usually written 10550G or A10550G or just 10550. 9055 used
to be the standard SNP for K, but it shows up in other haplogroups.

The other question was about the comment under Your Genetic History that
"Haplogroup K contains the following subgroups: K, K1a, K1a4a1, K1a9." I had
noticed this a few weeks ago, asked FTDNA about it, and got what I consider
an incorrect answer. I believe that this incomplete list is from just those
original FTDNA customers who take the full-sequence test THEN transfer their
results to the Genographic Project. Their subclade designations follow
along. I transferred first, then took the FGS test, so K1c2 is not on the
list. Those who start at Genograpahic, transfer to FTDNA, then take the FGS
test don't get their subclade listed. FTDNA said that there will be a
periodic update, but that apparently has never happened. I should contact
Genographic about this.

I assume both of these issues apply to all haplogroups, but I have no way to

Bill Hurst

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