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Subject: Re: [DNA] DYF 371X result
Date: Thu, 08 Mar 2007 00:26:48 +0000


it means you have a rare one-step mutation from the modal (ancestral?)
result of 10c-12t-13c-14c. No evidence of any recombination events. The 11c
could be a useful marker value for tracking down missing relatives or
resolving an ambiguous paper trail (or even identifying a subclade of


your result is interesting because it now seems Q, R1a and R1b1* all have
higher values for the highest "c" allele than the modal 14c for R1b1c. This
could be a coincidence or it could be a sign that the common P ancestor had
a 15c or 16c and only in R1b1c has this mutated downwards to the 14c which
is also common in I and J. You also have a "double" 12t allele due to
recombination (independently from the recently reported cases in hg Q).


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Subject: Re: [DNA] DYF 371X result

> My DYF371X = 11c-12t-13c-14c, I'm not exactly sure what this means.
> Arch
> On 3/7/07, Sam Vass <> wrote:
> > I have just received the following result for the subject from FTDNA
> > DYF 371X 12t-12t-13c-16c
> > I am an R1b1* and can be found as C27F2 at ysearch.
> > My DYS 425 result was reported as 12
> >
> > Is this result significant or meaningful?
> >
> > sam vass

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