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Subject: Re: [DNA] An R1b1c Haplotype Cluster? SW England???
Date: Sun, 25 Mar 2007 14:08:33 -0500
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Subject: [DNA] An R1b1c Haplotype Cluster? SW England???

>I am kind of hoping someone with more expertise than I have will take a
>look at the Y-Comparison tables I generated using McGee's Utility and have
>attached to this post. Please tell me if this looks like a haplotype
>cluster and if it has or could have any real significance.
> For years I have entertained the theory that my immigrant ancestor was a
> PA German fellow who anglicized his surname to the current version of my
> surname. Although I have some circumstantial evidence to support that
> theory, I have never been able to confirm it. Yet this little cluster of
> my nearest haplotype neighbors seems to point toward Britain. Of the
> members of it who identify an ancestral place of origin outside of North
> America, one lists Melksham, Wiltshire, England; another lists England;
> one lists Wales; and one lists Scotland. My own surname, spelled just as
> it has been for the last six generations at least, is most common in
> southern England:
> The same is true of the Webb surname:
> There are a few other YSearch entries that seem to share our unique
> off-modal values, and some of them list Germany as place of origin, but
> none of them has at least 37 markers, so they are not included in the
> tables attached to this post.
> So, is this an R1b1c haplotype subcluster? Unfortunately, I am the only
> member of it who has submitted his results to Dr. McEwan (although Mr.
> Self advised me by email that he has just done so, at my urging).
> Peter Kincaid mentioned the prevalence of 23-11-13-13 R1b1c in SW England.
> Well, here is some that seems to point in that direction, yet, if these
> fellows are like me, they are S21-.
> Anyone care to comment? I really hope you will.
> Rich
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