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From: "R. & G. Stevens" <>
Subject: Re: [DNA] A New N. Euro R1b1c Haplotype Cluster ???
Date: Sun, 1 Apr 2007 12:34:29 -0500
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Subject: Re: [DNA] A New N. Euro R1b1c Haplotype Cluster ???

> If they mutate so quickly that they can differ by three steps between 4th
> cousins, I wouldn't count them as part of a cluster. I think that
> sometimes these two markers are actually considered in clusters, but I
> would only look at them. I'd base my judgment more on the slow mutating
> markers.
> Yours,
> Dora Smith
> Austin, TX

Well, those aren't three steps, Dora. It's one step from 11,14 to 11,11 at
385 if 11,11 is the result of a RecLoH. The cluster is not solely based
on 11,11 at 385. There are a number of folks who have 11,11 there who do not
have enough of the other off-modal values to be included in this cluster.

But I am wondering how much weight to attach to 11,11 at 385. As I asked in
my last post, should we include men with 11,14 but who share all or most of
the cluster's off-modal values at 390, 439, 458, 447, 449, 456, and 576?

Another thing, though: it does seem strange that so many men seem to share
those off-modal values AND an apparent RecLoH at 385. After all, I believe
only about 2% of R1b1cs have 11,11 at 385, and certainly not all of them
this cluster's other off-modal values.


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