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Subject: Re: [DNA] Autosomal Markers Panel 1
Date: Fri, 6 Apr 2007 11:25:38 -0400
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Hi Alfred,

I used the OmniPop Page that FTDNA makes available and I opened that
up, put in my numbers, got a graph to the right that showed the
highest frequency was to the extreme far right. Below that graph was
just more numbers. On the other page below where you put in your
numbers, I get more numbers like <11 and then a whole string of
numbers across starting with .010. I am not looking at the page, at
the moment so I am trying to remember things from late last nite.
There is no way I can read the headings on the second table, even at
full page. One looks like Cau VA. That doesn't make sense. I must
be doing something wrong.

Would you like my numbers and give it a try? I purposely did not give
my numbers in case anyone did not want to try plugging the numbers in
and interpreting them.

I do have that book plus The Seven Daughters of Eve, Saxons, Vikings
and Celts and History of the British Isles. Since the print in these
books are small, for me, I can only read about 2 pages before things
go blurry and that's with glasses and a magnifying glass.

R1b1c / H13

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If you are using Excel then I'd say you're well equipped in the
education department, of course!

First, I'd recommend getting a copy of "Trace Your Roots with DNA", by

Megan Smolenyak Smolenyak and Ann Turner. You can find it on
for example. Ann is a long time member of this list.

Do you have OmniPop200.1? Here is a good site to visit and also you
download OmniPop200.1 if you don't already have it:

In OmniPop if you click on "Show Frequencies" you will go to a table
results sorted in order starting at the top from most common (smallest

number) to least common (biggest number). For example I just opened
OmniPop and entered numbers in the green boxes (the green boxes
the most common used markers, 9 of them called CODIS markers, CODIS
the FBI's Combined DNA Index System, they use 13 and even more markers

now) and in the "Show Frequencies" table I see "Belgian (99)
What this means is that in a population of Belgian's, in a research
paper indicated as Reference 99, the probability that this
persons combined markers will match someone in that population is 1
chance in 2.995E+11 (one chance in 300 billion)! The chances get lower

and lower as one goes down the list. The actual probability would be
1/2.995E+11 = 3.3E-12. Does this result, being the highest of these
small probabilities, mean that this hypothetical person derives from
Belgian population? No, because she also has a strong result for an
Egyptian population (2E-12), a Norwegian population (1.7E-12), and a
number of other populations! So OmniPop can give you an idea, a very
interesting idea I think, of what populations you might find a match
it does not tell you the bottom line that you might want to know (that

you actually derive with a certain percentage from a given

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