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From: Yair Davidiy <>
Subject: [DNA] Reply to Sasson
Date: Sun, 15 Apr 2007 13:34:52 +0300
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Re: [DNA] Ten Lost Tribes, Far East, esp. Japan

At 21:59 12/04/2007, Sasson Margaliot <>

Dear Mr Sasson Margaliot
Your name in Hebrew means "Joyful Pearls" or "Pearls of Joy"
>On 4/12/07, Alfred A. Aburto Jr. <> wrote:
> >
> > Thanks for the website and the description of the books.
>Please do not read this type of books! If you do, at least do not publicly
>admit doing that, so you do not appear naive, because these books are
>intended for people of lesser intelligence.

Intelligence can take many forms.
One aspect of intelligent thinking requires an acknowledgment of the truth.
Intelligence also can entail thinking in general
and not blindly accepting what convention dictates.

>Contrary to the rules of this List, some people associated with the new cult
>called "BritAm" are using our discussion of GENETIC aspects of Israel
>Tribes for their massive RELIGIOUS propaganda, posting long promotional
>messages totally unrelated to DNA.
> The bottom line is that they claim all of Western Europe to be Israel,

We do not claim that but rather that most of the Lost Tribes
were to be find in West European nations and their offshoots.
We have repeated this clarification on numerous occasions.
Yair Davidiy

>their "evidence" is primarily based on their "innovative" interpretation of
>certain verses in Jewish Bible - and the rules of this List do not allow me
>to refute the statements of this type on-line.
>Nevertheless, the experts in Genetic Genealogy who work with cilents do need
>to know about the existence of such new cults based entirely on Genealogical
>Sasson Margaliot
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