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From: "Dennis Wright" <>
Subject: Re: [DNA] Possible reporting error on SMGF - DYS463=19
Date: Wed, 9 May 2007 06:30:40 +1000
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Vince wrote:-
I agree with Jim. DYS463 does not appear to have a particularly low
mutation rate, so if you look at enough haplotypes you are bound to
find exceptions to the rule.

Just as a matter of principle, we must be careful to avoid
circularity of reasoning when building haplotype clusters
(especially ones that are likely to be proxies for genuine
subclades). You should not use DYS463=23 to help define Irish Type
III and then claim that all Irish Type III has DYS463=23.
For this cluster I use 459=8,9 and 464=13,13,15,17 and have found 190 R1b1c
For SMGF and those that have tested through DNAH or Relative Genetics, I
then find 463=23, 40 haplotypes.
There is a very little variety in 459 (one at 8,8) and more at 464
(13,13,15,16 in particular) so, yes, mutations do occur, but this is the
first occasion I have seen other than 23 at 463. The fact that three
O'Briens with the same pedigree match modal with the exception of the one
haplotype with a four step mutation seems a bit strange to me.
The simplest solution is usually the correct one ... an error in


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