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From: yair <>
Subject: Re: [DNA] Proposal for New R1b1c7 Group?
Date: Fri, 25 May 2007 08:02:44 +0200
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At 12:53 AM 5/25/2007, you wrote:
>There already is a project for R1b1c7.

I looked at it and it looks quite impressive and worthwhile.
It also looks very academic, scientific, and concentrated on Ireland.
It is not really a group but rather a collation of valuable studies.
I was thinking of something less formal that could discuss everything,
become something of a "club" and even broach on areas a
regular scientists might hesitate to.
And also be open to people who are not professionals in the field.
Questions that could be considered could include:
Is R1b1c7 more susceptible to any particular illnesses, or aberrations?
Predominant physical characteristics?
Does he have a sister? i.e. common mtDNA associate(s)?
known idiosyncrasies?
political tendencies?
Is there a pattern to the spread of R1b1c7 outside of Ireland?
How many are there?
Where are they?
Is there a pattern to their spread beyond what can be explained by
ethnic allocation?
Since it is agree that the focus of the group is with the family of
Neil and his offshoots
some of this work may already have been done in someway, somewhere,
and only needs an expression of
interest to make it surface.

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> > Subject: [DNA] Proposal for New R1b1c7 Group?
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> > Proposal for separate R1b1c7 group to report periodically to
> > present list.
> > I would like to see the formation of an R1b1c7 group.
> > I would rather not run it myself but rather be a member and "lurk" as
> > much as possible.
> > I am apparently R1b1c7 and presumably have a common ancestry with
> > other R1b1c7s.
> > My father, grandfather, and great-grandfather came from southwest
> > wales but the father of my
> > great-grandfather is unknown and may (or may not) have come from
> > Northwest Ireland where
> > R1b1c7 is centered.
> > The group would enable R1b1c7s to make acquaintance with each other
> > and find out what (if any)
> > other common denominators they might have.
> > If anything came up of any possible genetic significance we could
> > refer it back to
> >
> > for general discussion.
> > It could be interesting.
> > I doubt that it would be time wasted.
> > If anything respectable emerged other major subdivisions might follow
> > in our footsteps.
> >
> > Yair Davidiy
> > Jerusalem
> > Israel

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