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Subject: [DNA] Peter Frost and "European hair and eye color: A case offrequency-dependent sexual selection?"
Date: Tue, 05 Jun 2007 22:11:55 -0400
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Peter Frost and "European hair and eye color: A case of frequency-dependent
sexual selection?"

A research report that made a great sensation last year was: "European hair
and eye colour: A case of frequency-dependent sexual selection?" from
Evolution and Human Behavior, Volume 27, Issue 2, Pages 85-103 (March 2006)

This article is online many places including

Unfortunately, many discussions of this article have degenerated into
racist diatribes, which should be avoided.

This article concludes that blond hair developed as a result of sexual
selection. In areas with few crops where the human population has survived
by catching migrating wild game such as caribou, only men could run fast
enough to catch them, so women, to survive and to avoid starvation, had to
attract a man. Women with blond hair and blue eyes and therefore able to
attract a man had enough to eat and to reproduce. Women with black hair and
brown eyes has difficulty attracting a man and therefore starved to death.
A cruel world, was it not?

An important part of this theory is that while out hunting many young men
died. Therefore, there were more women than men. In some areas the female
population was twice the male population. However, men rarely took more
than one wife. This was because to feed several women and all of their
children, the man had to catch and bring home a lot of caribou. Few men
could do that and as a result in the northern areas the rule developed that
a man could have only one wife. That rule developed even when the northern
peoples were pagan and before Christianity had arrived. That disgusting
policy persists to this day, which is the reason why I have never been
allowed to have more than one Icelandic girlfriend at a time.

In short, there was fierce competition among the women to attract a man.
The beautiful women, especially those with blond hair and blue eyes, got a
man and reproduced, passing their genes on to the next generation. Those
with black hair died out. This explains why the ideal feminine beauty is
almost universally recognized as having blond hair, blue eyes, thin waist
and wide hips.

The article by Peter Frost has a map on page 2 showing that in Central
Sweden, Central Norway and Southern Finland, more than 80% of the
population has blond hair. However, in areas further to the north, the
Laplanders have black hair and darker skin. That is because they eat seals
and fish, which even women can catch. Also, infanticide is practiced. They
kill some of their baby girls, so the male and female populations remain
equal and everybody has enough to eat and every woman has a man to help her

Another question is why only Scandinavians are more than 80% blond. Why not
the peoples of Northern Siberia and Northern North America?

The explanation for this is the weather. Central Sweden, Central Norway and
Southern Finland have cloud cover. In Siberia and Northern North America
the skies are generally clear and the altitudes higher. In addition, there
is a geographical barrier that separates Scandinavia from Siberia. This
reduces the genetic drift of blonds from Scandinavia to Siberia.

What may interest readers of this group is that it is not the Swedes but
rather the Irish who have the lightest skin. The greatest proportion of
pale-skinned whites are found in Northwestern Europe (e.g., the Irish).

Since I am Irish on my fathers side, this fits me perfectly because my skin
is very fair, my eyes are green, but my hair is black. I have never met
anyone with normal skin pigmentation who is fairer than I am.

So, I do not have to look at a mirror, mirror on the wall to be sure that I
really am the fairest of them all, although on my mothers side I am Swedish.

Sam Sloan

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