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From: "Wil Husted" <>
Subject: Re: [DNA] Newbie just tested-can anyone shed any light onwhatthisall means?
Date: Sat, 9 Jun 2007 10:30:17 -0600
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I asked Lawrence Mayka:

>> Although having only 25 markers, GYAGP differs from Harry
>> (CAAGC) at DYS
>> 464d = 18. In view of the apparent rarity of the
>> group, might GYAGP have a good chance of being another member
>> of this group?

Lawrence replied:

> Yes, GYAGP looks like a good candidate.

>> If those guys have been in Ireland for a long, long time, are
>> you talking in
>> terms of hundreds or thousands of years?

> I was speaking of thousands of years, but I did not mean to make a sharp
> distinction between Ireland and Scotland, since there has reportedly been
> substantial migration back and forth between the two. You might ask 54QSN
> and Y34QR, who wrote down Ireland as their ancestry, whether their
> families
> have any oral history of a migration from Scotland.

Thank you for this information. I surely will ask 54QSN and Y34QR about
their families' oral history. Hopefully one day I may be able to figure out
my maternal ancestry beyond John born in Ireland around 1675.

I haven't heard anything from GYAGP.

Wil Husted

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