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Subject: Re: [DNA] Irish Chieftains DNA & The People of the Lightning:FirBolgand Belgae
Date: Sun, 17 Jun 2007 19:57:39 EDT

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Unless there was more than one source for Celts in Ireland and not all of
them came from Belgica. What about the Celtic regions of Iberia and their
impact on Ireland?

If the "Fir Bolg" were Belgae, they encountered people in the Ireland who
were already Celts.

The Lagin of Leinster were another sizeable Celtic population group in
Ireland. They are referred to as such in the Irish annals and gave their name to
the province of Leinster. Here we go with O'Rahilly again but he said the
Lagin came from Armorica in Gaul (ie, LIttle Brittany) colonized by Britons
themselves. According to O'Rahilly three ancient tribal names in Ireland were
associated with the Lagin:


"The Domnainn of Ireland were, it is hardly open to doubt, a branch of the
Dumnonii of Devon and Cornwall. There were also Dommnonii in Scotland, where
their territory, as we infer from Ptolemy, lay around Dumbarton and extended
southwards into Renfrew, Larnark and Ayr." He goes on to say if this is true
then the Dommnonii in Scotland probably came there from Ireland by sea from
the coast of Leinster.

There are historic records of these tribes elsewhere in Ireland as well
(not just Leinster, but in Connacht).

I think the thing we have to bear in mind with O'Rahilly is he was
describing only the very major population groups (chieftains, kings) that appear in
historical records and mythology. Most of the tribal names in Ptolemy's map of
Ireland can't be identified at all with tribes names of a few centuries
later. The Irish annalists did exactly the same thing much later. They
mentioned the doings of the kings and major chieftains; the smaller less important
septs often aren't mentioned at all.

His descriptions of Cruithin, Erainn, Belgae, Lagin and goidels is only the
tip of the iceberg in terms of specific tribes that originated in or later
settled in Ireland.


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