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Subject: [DNA] H mtDNA Heteroplasmy Reporting
Date: Wed, 18 Jul 2007 10:59:58 EDT

One of our H2a2 (H2b) members has heteroplasmy that
matches me at HVR1 except for the heteroplasmic marker match:
16235G + 16291C/T + 16293G + 16400T.
Mine is the same but = 16291T difference from the CRS.

Right now, there is no way to enter the heteroplasmy in
any of the databases which is supposed to be resolved
eventually. So FTDNA has left out the 16291 mutation
altogether for the present time and this person had no
matches at all. I have 33 matches of the HVR1 haplotype of
people who have signed releases giving out their e-mail addresses.
Not all of these match exactly at the HVR2 so it seems that
FTDNA should consider heteroplasmy at HVR1 to be a full
match as well for comparison purposes. Why not leave in
the polymorphism rather than take it out?

You wouldn't throw a piglet out of the family if it were born
without part of the tail would you? :-)

Kathy J.

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