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Subject: Re: [DNA] H mtDNA Heteroplasmy Reporting
Date: Wed, 18 Jul 2007 16:58:00 EDT

>From: "William Hurst" < (mailto:) >
>Hi Kathy and all,
>Very interesting. I assume the person's
>FTDNA personal page shows it as
>16291C/T. Does the person belong to any
>projects? Which ones? What does the
>result look like there? What happens if
>the results are transferred
>automatically to MitoSearch? Are they on
>MitoSearch? Where?
Don't get excited. Nothing is happening yet.
We will have a new H2 project at the H mtDNA
site for these results when the web site is complete.

FTDNA system is not yet capable of displaying
heteroplasmy results so the mutation was not
listed at all on the personal page. It was just reported
as an extra notation in an e-mail. It looks like FTDNA
plans to list it as 16291C/T when "updates to the system
are complete". Mitosearch still has it as G3D27 and there is
no way to upgrade to account for the heteroplasmy and there
are no H2a2 designations (from Roostalu, Nov 2006) either
where most of us H2bs apparently belong anyway. Right now
the people designated as H2a2 are those who have had the
FGS and maybe that is supposed to be kept confidential.
I would not know why that would be the case though. The
entire CRS is supposed to be H2a2 unless the phylogenetic
tree changes again. I have heard rumors of an H2a2a designation
but that has never been published. So don't hold your breath.
We are way behind the Ks.

Kathy J.

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