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From: "Phil Goff" <>
Subject: Re: [DNA] question: why join a project?
Date: Fri, 20 Jul 2007 14:02:26 -0400
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Although there are many reasons for haplogroup projects as opposed to using
Y-search, quality and reliability of data is enough to justify these
projects. Ysearch can be populated in an automated or manual way. One type
of Ysearch error is in haplogroup assignment. Check out the haplogroup M and
subclade results at Ysearch, which are marked as "tested." I checked with
FTDNA several months ago and they confirmed that there were no SNP-tested or
predicted haplogroup M results in their database. If you check out some of
these results, you will find that they are predicted as some other
haplogroup at FTDNA. In addition, there's no automatic update of results at
Ysearch such as in an FTDNA project.

Having clean, reliable data is a major benefit in trying to reconstruct the
development and movement of a haplogroup and its clades. Thanks,

Phil Goff
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Subject: [DNA] question: why join a project?

> Dear list,
> I have a few simple questions. Not challenges. but a few questions.
> Why join a project? I don't mean surname project (Joining that seems
> obvious), rather one such as r1b.
> Why would an administrator need people to join. Seems like the data is
> already out there on Y search.
> What can be gained from the formation of such a project? I know admins are
> hoping to look for groups with similarities, etc
> What else can be done in these projects that cant be accomplished with Y
> search?
> Regards,
> Scott

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