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From: "Ian Logan" <>
Subject: Re: [DNA] Mtdna haplogroup R*
Date: Mon, 13 Aug 2007 20:33:20 +0100
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The R* sequences form a very interesting group; and I have quite a lot about them on my website.

Overall I would suggest that R*'s in the New World are mostly B's - and I'm not sure that FTDNA
does (or even can do) any specific tests for 'B'.

However in India there do appear to be quite a number of (non-B) R* sequences - and there are
are some very small subhaplogroups like R9 & R31.

Full sequencing is clearly recommended for any R* subject.



I have two members who are mtdna haplogroup R* which is a daughter of N and as such could be found
just about anywhere out of Africa. Both based on their matches; have vastly different origins.

This is what FTDNA says about haplogroup R* on the tutorial page:
-Some haplogroups are the foundation for a number of other haplogroups. These "supergroups" are
older, and most supergroups are not commonly found today because most of their descendents branched
into other haplogroups. An example of a supergroup is R, which is the founding haplogroup preceding
J, T, B, U, K, H, and V. Individuals belonging to the supergroup R and none of its branches are
often labeled R*, meaning that they belong to R but not to any of its children haplogroups.-

FTDNA further states:
"Are the mtDNA haplogroups predicted or confirmed?

When we first started in 2000, haplogroup predictions were not provided; just the mutations.
However, it was not very user friendly for individuals to look up the comparison data available on
the web so we began providing predictions by comparison.

In 2005 we began running haplogroup tests on every sample. The haplogroup test is now part of every
mtDNA test we run. Currently we run a panel of 20 different SNP's on every mtDNA sample to attain
the precise haplogroup of every mtDNA test we perform. We are confident that this is above or far
above what anyone else offers when testing mtDNA worldwide"

Both of these results came back in 2005 and have the following haplotypes:

Kit 27906 - 16111T, 16182C, 16183C, 16189C, 16217C, 16324C, 16483A, 16519C

with an exact HVR1 match with someone who is haplogroup B.

Kit 40119 - 183C,189C,468C,519C

with about almost 100 exact HVR1 matches with people who are haplogroups H, H*, H1, H2, H6c, U*
and V.

Both of these kits came in 05 it appears they have been determined not to be haplogroup B in the
first case and not H or U or V in the second case by a comparison of SNP's.

Here are the other R* in Mitosearch:*&region=&submit=Search

The Mexico project results are usually Native American and some are of Iberian ancestry. From this
it would appear in the first case that R* possibly came into North America with A, B, C, D and X and
that R* in the second case possibly came into Iberia with H, V and U for the most part.

Has anyone else ran across this situation with R* matches? If no one responds I will check the
archives. Perhaps this has been discussed before.

Mexico DNA Project Admin.

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