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Subject: Re: [DNA] The Sea Peoples
Date: Thu, 16 Aug 2007 00:05:48 -0700
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Wow, that is strange stuff. Anyway, I believe the "Sea Peoples" are
mysterious people who came from the Black sea, and not the
Mediterranean. they destroyed the Hittite empire around 1200 BCE,
wreaked havoc on the Greeks, and then did quite a number on the
Egyptians (maybe not according to the Egyptians; but the truth is
there are no ancient Egyptians to prove they were the victors of
battle). it makes sense they destroyed the Hittites and to do so, the
capital and the center of the Hittite population was closest to the
Black Sea. I sincerely doubt that any tribe from Italy, Sardinia,
Sicily, Corsica, Iberia, Tuscany, etc. were involved with the "Sea

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> Prezados Colisteiros [to honor Ricardo Costa de Oliveira],
> dear "grandcross" ["grandboss" ?], whoever you are, you who know Latin and Portuguese Geography,
> anyone who does desire to know the History (and the Genetics [this explains my genetic matches with a Palestinian, a Christian Lebanese, in Malta, Pantelleria, Sicily, and perhaps many Jews, etc.]) of the Mediterranean peoples must read not the pseudohypotheses of Mario Alinei (an Italian, alas!), but "The Ethnicity of the Sea Peoples" of Frederik Christian Woudhuizen. You can easily download it from Wikipaedia $B"*(BThe Sea Peoples [at the bottom].
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