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Subject: Re: [DNA] The Sea Peoples
Date: Thu, 16 Aug 2007 08:17:19 -0700
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> Bonnie Schrack wrote:

>Arch Yeomans wrote:
>>Wow, that is strange stuff. Anyway, I believe the "Sea Peoples" are
>>mysterious people who came from the Black sea, and not the
>>Mediterranean. they destroyed the Hittite empire around 1200 BCE,
>>wreaked havoc on the Greeks, and then did quite a number on the
>>Egyptians (maybe not according to the Egyptians; but the truth is
>>there are no ancient Egyptians to prove they were the victors of
>>battle). it makes sense they destroyed the Hittites and to do so, the
>>capital and the center of the Hittite population was closest to the
>>Black Sea. I sincerely doubt that any tribe from Italy, Sardinia,
>>Sicily, Corsica, Iberia, Tuscany, etc. were involved with the "Sea
>Arch, I understand that this is what you believe in, but could you give
>us some idea how you came to that belief? Have you read any particular
>books about the Sea Peoples, or could it be that these beliefs are based
>on impressions you've formed from what you've picked up here and there,
>such as documentaries?
>I found the dissertation to be fascinating, most informative, and
>helpful. Though I don't have the in-depth background I would like to
>have in ancient Mediterranean history, it seemed quite convincing to
>me. The English isn't always the clearest, as it's not his native
>tongue. I'm not in a position to say whether he has achieved an
>accurate summary of the ethnic backgrounds of the Sea Peoples, but I
>learned a good deal from it, since there's a lot of information there
>which doesn't depend on whether you accept his entire argument.
>I tend to suspect that the Erasmus University of Rotterdam wouldn't
>approve a PhD dissertation that was really far off base in relation to
>the consensus in his field. All those professors he lists at the
>beginning wouldn't want their reputations sullied by a crackpot piece of
>work going out under their supervision.
>My thanks to Gioiello Tognoni for posting the link!

The "Sea People" and their connection with the Phoenicians is also
discussed in Sanford Holst's book: "Phoenicians, Lebanon's Epic
Heritage", Cambridge & Boston Press, ISBN 1-887263-30-6, 2005. There are
many discussions of the "Sea People" and almost all link them to the
southern shores of the Black Sea ... Wikipeida has a discussion too ...

The book is in agreement with what Arch said except it adds in the
Phoenician aspect (the Phoenicians helped the "Sea people", because of
the Phoenicians developing distrust of the Egyptians ...)...

Where is Gioiello Tognoni's link that you speak of? I only saw an MSNBC
link.. can you repost?

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