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From: "Arch Yeomans" <>
Subject: Re: [DNA] The Sea Peoples
Date: Fri, 17 Aug 2007 23:03:19 -0700
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yeah, i was right. trash!

On 8/17/07, Gioiello Tognoni <> wrote:
> Dear Arch,
> I didn't know your name were John Holmes, with your all excrescences.
> At si vel excrevit cicatrix vel concava est, stultum est decoris causa rursus et dolorem et medicinam sustinere. Alioqui res utrique succurri patitur, siquidem utraque cicatrix exulcerari scalpello potest. Si medicamentum aliquis mavult, idem efficiunt compositiones eae, quae corpus exedunt. Cute exulcerata coicienda sunt, super concavam implentia, donec utrumque ulcus sanae cuti aequetur et tum cicatrix inducatur. (Celsus, 5.26.36c).
> On the rest you are going off the road. Others are what you think, not I. Read, please, some letters I'll send to you out of the list.
> Gioiello, 18.7> Date: Thu, 16 Aug 2007 22:54:19 -0700> From: > To: > Subject: Re: [DNA] The Sea Peoples> > Yeah, comments like that make me interested in reading the trash off> of wikipedia you're referring to. Sorry, you are wrong! My genetics> just like anybody elses can match across a wide swath of land because> people have been migrating since the dawn of humankind. I wouldn't get> overly excited because your DNA was found in different regions of the> Mediterranean. For all anybody knows, ancestors could have been> enslaved/transported, deported/exiled, and not descended from> legendary people or associated with legendary events as the victors or> even the defeated for that matter. For most of us they were just> basically eeking out a living. No different than today, just different> tyrants with newer technologies and newer variations of slavery.> Anyway, the point I'm making is I'm growing tiresome of everybody> havin!
g to be related to a hero, a famous group of people or events in> time that were so large enough to be recorded fortunately. For most of> us, it is mostly history and nothing ancestral. That is the reality> and I am the one who has no problem destroying flights of fancy (even> mine). No need to read the book, I have enough trash already and don't> want to add to the heap pile anymore. There's enough here to sift> through :-O with my contributions no less. :-)> > Arch "Excretus Maximus"
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