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Subject: Re: [DNA] Irish Chieftains - R1b1c7 Founders of New England
Date: Mon, 20 Aug 2007 10:53:11 +0100
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Ken, I don't entirely disagree with you. In this day and age, there is
really no place for them, however legitimate they may be - they're fossils
of a past that was sometimes great and glorious. But they do bear the
heritage of that once great time. Unfortunately, for most of them, that
past includes conforming and/or fleeing their country, and the majority are
now Protestants - turncoats to the Irishmen on the street, who have little
respect for them now. Pardon me for tooting my own horn, but the
O'Donoghues were the rabble-rousers who not only refused to conform, but
fought on the losing side, hence in the case of the Mor line, losing
everything - life and titles and lands. But they were great rebels - a unit
of Cromwell's forces was sent into the Glen of the Flesk to route out those
rebels, and they never came out.


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I think inherited chieftainships are for the birds. Unless they are won in
battle or something equivalent, what's the sense of it all?

That's why they should have let that second Prince of Great Britain go to
Afghanistan and earn the crown, trumping his father and older brother.

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> And you have a chief of your own... Shame on you, John! Of course, the
> Irish have always been irreverent, even to their own.
> I think what people should realize is the current O Cathain chieftain is
> self-appointed and has not been recognized as such by the Office of the
> Chief
> Herald of Ireland. This office is no longer recognizing Irish
> chieftains. If
> anyone would care to investigate the claims of the current O Cathain
> chieftain you can find a pedigree on his website taken verbatim from the
> pages of
> John O'Hart's "Irish Pedigrees."
> There are a few other Irish "chieftains" out there who haven't been
> recognized as yet. Bear in mind this doesn't necessarily mean their
> claims are false
> - they just haven't been scrutinized and verified by any official body
> (or
> even a real genealogist).
> _
> (
> I'm thinking of claiming the MacLochlainn chieftainship for myself.
> Unfortunately I can't get back past 1795 AD.
> John

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