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Subject: Re: [DNA] William the Conqueror + /Danish pastries
Date: Sat, 15 Sep 2007 22:28:44 +0200
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Mye Goodye Cosynes, Leaf Eric (Alone !!!), Friends, Foe, and Companions !!!

Super Ken's Lazy Man's Guide to Genealogical Success (Incomplete)
<<< Just as an aside, my mother is a Corbin of Guernsey, which claims to
have conquered England in 1066. >>> Sounds to me like your mother (Wamwam)
is a descendant of Guilliemus El Conquestito. Tell her that if people want
proof, that she is living proof .... Maybe look into the area of
Corbon/Corbonais in Normandy, and the people associated with this area,
Fulks and Crevequers too.

<<< The movie The Mouse that Roared, with Peter Sellers, is a humorous
account of this island fictiously declaring war on the United States, so it
can lose, and get rebuilding funds... based on the present day links of
Guernsey to England. >>> For a laugh, go to and then to '''ZAMBIAN
SPACEFLIGHT'. Non-fiction.

Mee Maide Marianne, please tell your Wamwam, that she is undoubtedly a
descendant of Guilliemus El Bandito Conquestito. Does anyone else require
confirmation whilst I'm at it ?

Everybody.... Mr. David K. Faux !!! Thank you. I took time earlier this year
whilst trying to break the problem at the top of our tree, which I believe I
have done, and it might have been your website I pondered through a few
times, and took time to actually read it. I have had a keen interest in the
name of Fulk for years. The top of our tree gives Fulk de Lisors (whose arms
are also the blue and gold shield!) as our ancestor, but it is Fulk de
Cheverchort. My question is this, what is the time line of R1b1c9 and
R1b1c10, or the time line difference between the two ??? Is one really
debating a complete separate family line as such ??? I wonder how well the
Moodie family fits into Rollo ? I read your email with interest. Does anyone
know who the Fulk is that holds so many lands all over England, particularly
in Lincs., etc. ???

I know no fear,
I know no danger,
In fact, I know nothing.

Yours Sincerely,
Ken Markham ....

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