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From: Geri Lucas <>
Subject: Re: [DNA] mtDNA Full Sequence Match
Date: Thu, 4 Oct 2007 09:53:10 -0700 (PDT)
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What is halotype H, I, and J ? You must understand I know nothing of genetics except what I was taught in school.

marianne dillow <> wrote:
Then I took a look at the public database from Bryan Sykes Blood of the
Isles. The maddening thing is that this is all HVR1 only data, which limits its
utility. The second thing is that by comparing the % of H by region in his
public database and as given in his book, it is apparent that his public
database may not be a representative sample of the data used for his book, so
conclusions have to be taken with some understanding that they aren't necessarily
accurate. Still, they are better than nothing, but I would love to see
better regional/locational data as well as FGS on his data.

I certainly have not examined all the H sequences in the published
literature yet, so it's possible the sequence has been found elsewhere, but I'm still
looking. :)

I think only the FGS will tell us anything about the statistical
significance of a match.

I personally wish Bryan Sykes would have given a better understanding of his results on Haplogroup H. His results are different in his public data base than he has in "Seven daughters of Eve." I have a copy of the book and even as a newbie I think it is too elementary. I wish he would have explained more about haplogroup H than what he has given to the public especially when his database is different in % from his book.

In other research papers there are so many other differences than Sykes presents in the origins of Haplorgroup H and the mitotypes. Hopefully by more FGS testing the picture will become clearer.

Marianne Dillow

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