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Subject: Re: [DNA] 3-step mutation
Date: Sun, 14 Oct 2007 07:31:44 EDT

In a message dated 10/13/2007 3:02:25 PM Pacific Daylight Time,

> The marker is DYS570, a single copy marker. FTDNA returned a value of
> 14 for this individual but his three distant cousins are DYS570 = 17.
> FTDNA has since confirmed the validity of the 14 and the three 17
> values. Their haplogroup is R1b1c (M269+). Their known MRCA was born
> ca 1750 and, aside from this marker, they have a max GD of 2 at 67
> markers.

Multi-step mutations are rare, but they have been directly observed in
father-son studies:

I think it's likely that I have a case of a 4-step deletion in one of my
lines. My R1b uncle John Wright has an unusual value of 10 for DYS392, which has
prevented any match reports. I tested a Wright cousin from another line, who
had a value of 14 that matches other Wright project members. My uncle and cousin
otherwise match on 24/25 markers. The mutation(s) in my uncle's line must
have occurred within the span of three generations.

Ann Turner

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