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From: charles <>
Subject: Re: [DNA] Ineligible Individuals Placed in my ShetlandProjectWithout My Permission
Date: Wed, 07 Nov 2007 20:33:46 -0500
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I administrate about two dozen FTDNA projects and I have not experienced any
such difficulties. I could understand if one had a co-admin and maybe one admin
misread that descriptor for the box and checked it by error. But if you are the
sole admin, and if that box was checked which thus would open the door for
anyone to join, and you didn't do it [even in a senior moment and possibly
misreading the intent of that descriptor ... :-) ], then I suggest you call or
email FTDNA and ask them about it. I think we've all made such errors from time
to time, not remember we did it ourselves. But if you are sure you didn't check
it and you don't have a co-admin who did it, I would suggest you uncheck that
box in the Project Profile Page, upper right, as soon as you can.


David Faux wrote:
> Charles wrote: You must have left the front door or skylight open for your project. If you close the skylight, i.e., disable the parachute in by anyone feature, using the option in your FTDNA group admin page, they will not be able to join your project without your permission. That is what I do with almost all my projects. Especially my very restrictive Pennsylvania Deutsch Project for which all members must be genealogically pre-screened by me.
> ___________________________________________________________
> Charles: Actually I had all safeguards up, and until today no one was placed without my permission. All of a sudden 20 names appear out of nowhere, many from NGS, which make an appearance and I can only think that there was a computer glitch. I have been super fussy about screening. I need to check and see if some switch was reset by other than myself. I was just wondering if others had noticed anything similar in the last few days because until then everything was fine.
> David K. Faux.

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